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Full Service - from £199.50 inc. VAT*

* Cost valid for most cars up to 2 litre but excludes fuel filter, special oil & spark plugs.

This service is also known as a full or major service and is generally carried out once a year or in rotation with an Interim service. For ultimate peace of mind, our full service offers a fully comprehensive check and is recommended annually for trouble free motoring.  This service can be carried out in conjunction with an MOT for our special price.

Will this service affect my warranty? - No!

If your car is under warranty you do not have to take it back to the main dealer for servicing or repairs! Government legislation passed in 2003 known as “block exemption” means that an independent garage can now carry out your servicing/repairs & the warranty is still protected. We will only use quality parts which means all cars are repaired with approved parts. We will never substitute cheap alternatives. We will never use oil of a lesser quality than semi synthetic.

Low Mileage Users

Our services are so comprehensive that in certain circumstances i.e. “low mileage users” it is possible to have 2 interim services in a row instead of a major – stretching the major service interval to 18 months. Therefore reducing costs to you the motorist. If you plan on keeping the car longer than 4 years, it is good engineering practice to replace your engine oil, engine filter, fuel filter & air filter at least once a year.

Additional items required every two and five years

Brake Fluid

It is recommended by all manufactures that the brake fluid is completely replaced every two years regardless of mileage as it can seriously affect the braking system and especially the "Anti-Lock Braking System". This service is available. Customer to check vehicle history and advise us accordingly.


Most manufactures recommend "blue antifreeze" should be changed every two years and "red antifreeze" (long life type) should be replaced every five years. This service is available for all cars up to 2,100cc, excluding 4x4, off-road and some specialist vehicles.

Why come to us?

No repair work is carried out without your prior approval, one of our advisors will contact you at every point to ensure that repair bills don’t spiral out of control & you are aware of what is happening with your car.
Please feel free to compare our service with your vehicle manufacturer’s garage and you will see that our services are comprehensive, good quality & value for money.

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Customer Care

At Phillips Tyres we provide a comfortable air conditioned reception area with free Wi-Fi and Coffee

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